Dec 26

Seven Little Indians

LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 15:  Republican presidential candidates (L-R) Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are introduced during the CNN presidential debate at The Venetian Las Vegas on December 15, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Depicted are nine Republican presidential candidates participating in the fifth set of Republican presidential debates. Seven are wearing RED— (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Yes, red is the color of the Republican party, but it’s time to look a little more imaginative than a solid-color red tie. How about a deep burgundy tie with tiny white polka dots? Very powerful! Another powerful and elegant look is a magenta tie with tiny dots or with stripes. Carly gets A+ for her red suit. John Kasich stands apart with this pale blue tie, but he doesn’t look very powerful, because the tie is too pale. Body language is also important, and Ron Cruz looks like he’s ready to do a chest bump. Chris Christie must be expecting flood waters again from the look of his trousers. Donald, please button your jacket. A gentleman only unbuttons his jacket when he is seated. Carson and Rand look unsure with their clasped hands, and Paul needs to move close to Christie. Jeb is “steepling” which is said to be condescending. Hands cofortably at the side is best.

Democrats, incidentally, wore remarkably uninteresting colors for their debate.

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Aug 03

There are Suits, and There are Suits

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 1.51.14 PM

In Paul Fussell’s book “UNIFORMS;  Why You Are What You Wear” he points out that a power suit has the same power as the military uniform of a top ranking Admiral or General. Warning:  Power Dressing in the US Senate and elsewhere has deteriorated dramatically since Fussell published his book!

My own former Senator John Warner was what he had in mind, no doubt. The top-ranking and powerful senator owned the room when he entered it – for a while accompanied by his  wife Elizabeth Taylor. Senator Warner alway wore a well-tailored navy blue suit, a white shirt and an endless variety of red power ties.

“Didn’t people notice he wore the same thing every day,” you may ask.  The answer is No, they noticed that he always looked striking and like a very powerful US Senator.

Both men in the photos above are attractive and their suits are perfectly tailored. However, the man on the left wears a dark red plaid sport shirt with a snugly-tailored grey flannel suit, along with a “matching” grey tie with red stripes. His red socks match his red plaid shirt. All in all, there is a sexy edge to this look, but not a look that elicits credibility and trust.

The man on the left looks like he could be the client of the man on the right, who looks like an attorney.

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Jul 30

Timeless Fashion

CharlotteR74From May 2013 Vogue Magazine

Charlotte Rampling, 1974, in a timeless Yves St. Laurent ensemble. Some things are timeless, and this is one of them. Everything says “Paris” with hints of Chanel, whom St. Laurent admired. In particular the long necklaces and the wonderful white flower brooch.

St. Laurent is famous for his impeccable tailoring, which always makes women look sexy  and classy. Charlotte Rampling  definitely looks ravishing, sexy and classy!

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Jul 29

Great Outfit – except for

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.22.32 AM


Wow! what a fabulous jacket. The color is both powerful and flattering to most women; and the style is classy and elegant. The blue and white color scheme couldn’t be better for summer.

Love the white “statement” necklace, too!

There are two things out of sync, however. First, the shirttail hanging out. Straight lines catch the eye, so the eye will drop to the bottom of the white top intermittently. This is a fact. Better to choose a top that is shorter, or tuck the top in, so the line doesn’t interrupt the eye’s desire to stay on the face.

Second, the grey pants come in out of the blue and intrude upon the lovely blue and white color scheme. When you’re using solids, adding a third color runs the risk of making your outfit look disjointed and thrown together. Blue or white pants would be better. However, change the white top for a red, white and blue striped one, for example, and then you can also choose red pants as well, because the color is tied to the top.



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Jul 28

Gwyneth Paltrow – Give Up Satin



Wow! Look at the popularity of Gwyneth’s gunmetal grey satin gown. Obviously, everyone loves Gwyneth, and as a result, we’re all forgiving of an unflattering garment.

Look closely, and you’ll see – as usual – that satin seems to make “lumps and bumps” appear out of nowhere. Even the super svelte Gwyneth looks a little heavy in the torso and tummy area.

It’s time designed learned to “look and see.”  That is, notice that snug fitting garments made of satin aren’t very kind in the mirror.

Gwyneth, hope you’ll agree that grey isn’t your best color either! You’re ravishing in black, white, red and all the jewel tones.

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Jul 26

Emma Stone – Barbie Pink lipstick



It’s a myth that redheads, fair-skinned blondes and strawberry blondes cannot wear black.

Emma Stone is a natural beauty, and she’s usually stylishly dressed. Her black gown is fabulous, and she looks good in it – but not GREAT! The problem is her lipstick.

She looks lovely in pink and orchid shades of lipstick, but not when wearing black. The problem is that black is a Big City color, and her lipstick is a cutesy shade of pink, so it shatters color harmony. She would look ravishing in a rich fuchsia or a cherry red, Both these colors pair well with black.

An additional note about color: Emma, you have col skin and would even more beautiful (and natural) in a foundation with subtle pink tones. The makeup you’re wearing is yellow and orange-toned. It “goes” with your hair but not your skin’s undertones.


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Jul 25

Smoky Eyes and Lipstick Color

KarlieKlossEmmaWatsonSmoky Eyes Need Lipstick

Makeup artists, take note: that old wives tale that says if you have dark eyes, you must have pale lips, and vice versa. Wrong. As you can see, dark eyes need the balance of red or fuchsia lips to keep them from looking scary and a bit too Goth. Emma Watson looks appealing; Karlie Kloss does not, in spite of the fact that she’s smiling.

It’s time we threw this silly rule out. As a makeup artist with covers to my credit, I’ve never bought in to this and many other old wives tales about makeup that still abound. Stay tuned for more myth busters.

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Jul 23

Jennifer Aniston – Good, Better Best

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.32.34 PM


It’s hard to make Jennifer Aniston look bad. She has a natural beauty. But when it comes to hair  she’s definitely not looking her best with curls. Straight shiny hair is best for Jennifer. However, a  blunt cut is severe, because of the hard straight line it makes at the jaw line, so it never looks quite as feminine or flattering a the hairstyle on the right!

On the other hand, those face-framing pointy layers make a woman’s face look like a perfect oval. Everyone can wear this style.

A word about color, Jennifer: You’re best in the center photo, in terms of color. This includes both makeup and hair color. Cool colors go with your skin’s natural pink undertones.

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Jul 22

Harmony of Makeup Colors

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 1.45.14 PM


There’s nothing wrong with wearing pink lipstick with red nails, as long as the red nail polish color is a cool red. Pink is a derivative of red, so it’s all in the family.

Unfortunately this red polish is a warm red. It harmonizes with the orange blusher, but not the cool pink lipstick. All in all, there’s a real lack of color harmony. For those with color sensitivity, it’s actually painful to see.

The model would look better without blush, this blusher is actually harsh looking, especially on a blonde. She’d look fabulous with a soft pink blusher and cool red nails.  Some might think that the pink lips are odd man out. However, if you look at the model’s skin, you’ll see that it has subtle pink (not yellow) undertones.

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Jul 21

Kim Kardashian – Color Tip

KimKREMINDER:  There are two colors that should never be worn together:  red and yellow. It elicits a fast food image and isn’t terribly classy. The best color lipstick to wear when wearing yellow garments is a red violet. The blue undertones of the red-violet color harmonize with the yellow.

Only red-violet lipstick (or orchid tones) will work. Purple lipstick makes the teeth appear yellow, due to simultaneous contrast. It’s also downright scary looking at times.

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